Traditional boutique hotel

Traditional boutique hotel

MAVROS Lighting lights up a traditional boutique hotel in the astonishing island of Thassos! The adequately selected wall lamps have brought out a majestic quality. The hotel has definitely become brighter due to MAVROS creative illuminations.

The hotel features brass wall lamps (7028K and 7028KK), as well as double wall lamps (7028C/2) of the NAXOS collection. Some wall lamps with cotton shades were installed with upward direction, whereas others with downward direction.

NAXOS collection is available with both brass and metal structure. This material flexibility makes it not only more adjustable, but also ideal for both classical and rustic places. It generally features all-time spaces and brings out ultimate quality.

The rust-dyed single wall lamps (79508K) of the GYTHIO collection lighten the headboards, as well as several other spots of the guestrooms.

When interior lighting meets fine taste, the outcome cannot be anything less than cosy and bright.

Enjoy your stay!